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sold are checked prior to delivery. Upon receiving the product, the customer is obliged to check the product for any manufacturing defect or damage. Later on no such claim would be entertained.

2. In case if the customer chooses to buy a particular book from samarthhypermarket.com or mobile app, the usefulness of that particular book shall be taken into consideration before buying. Strictly no return or exchange will be allowed. Only when a particular book has misprint or missing pages, the book is liable for a replacement. The same book will be provided in exchange and if that book is not available in the stock, the amount of that book will be refunded to the customer as credit in their account. The credited amount can be then used to buy products from the website or app.

3. The colour of the actual product may vary compared to the photo of the product shown.

4. For some products like A4 size notebooks, different cover designs are available. The cover design shown in the photo may or may not be available at the time of delivery. The design that is available in stock would be given preference.

B. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
1. Samarth Hypermarket Private Limited (SHPL) reserves all Intellectual Property Rights in every form that appear on this website and mobile apps. All the brands, images, logos, etc. are the sole property of the respective company and are displayed on this website and mobile app with their prior consent.

2. The customer is allowed to access this website only for the sake of purchasing products. He/she is not supposed to download or modify any portion of this website. No portion of this website shall be modified, reproduced, duplicated, exploited, sold, copied or changed without prior written consent and permission by Samarth Hypermarket Private Limited. Any kind of infringement of this website/mobile app shall be liable to legal punishment by the court of law.

3. Any form of suggestion, review, feedback, etc. provided on the website/mobile app would be the sole property of Samarth Hypermarket Private Limited. Hate messages, disrespectful comments, etc. that may harm other users/customers or in any form defame SHPL will be punishable by law.

C. Warranty
1. SHPL does not make any claim to warranty or specifications such as product claims, etc. of the products suggested or sold on this website/mobile app.

2. The products on this website are governed by the specifications and descriptions of the product. Warranty and/or Guarantee provided by the product manufacturer will be provided in the product description. Such warranty/guarantee are provided by the manufacturers and will be fulfilled by them. SHPL is not responsible for such claims.

3. An effort has been made by SHPL to make the displayed product appear on this website/mobile app as accurately as possible with the use of images and product description. In case of any deviance in appearance from the actual product, SHPL is not to be blamed.

D. Pricing Information
1. All the prices of products are inclusive of GST.

2. SHPL reserves the right to change prices of the products without any prior information to the customers. The price of the product at the time of placing an order will be taken into consideration.

E. Home Delivery
1. To purchase goods from the website/mobile app, minimum order should be of rupees 500.00 or above.

2. SHPL will provide free home delivery of products to locations that come within a radius of 3 km (from the shop).

3. A delivery charge will be taken for home deliveries; the places that lie outside 3 km radius. The delivery charges for the shipping address (within Ahmedabad) will be as follows:

- Within 3 - 6 km radius: Rs. 49.00

- Within 6 - 9 km radius: Rs. 75.00

- Beyond 9 km: Rs. 99.00

4. In case there is delay in delivery of products, either due to unavailability of the customer or any issues of SHPL or due to some external factors (like traffic conditions,etc), SHPL is neither obliged to provide any compensation to the customer nor shall be held responsible for the inconvenience caused.

5. samarthhypermarket.com/mobile app is not responsible for any inconvenience caused due to an incomplete or failed transaction. Any claim regarding double payment or error shall be dealt with by the bank.

6. The entire bill amount has to be transferred prior to the delivery of goods. ‘Cash On Delivery’ option will not be available. The customer has to select any one of the payment methods available on the website/app.

7. SHPL has the right to cancel orders of any customer if the customer violates any law or does not abide by the rules of this website/app.

8. In case if the customer cancels the order, the bill amount will be refunded by SHPL in the form of digital transfer that will be credited to the customer within 7 working days.

9. To cancel an order, the customer has to inform within 3 hours from the time when the order is placed or before getting dispatch notification.

F. Dispatch Time
1. It will take upto 24 hours to process the order once it is placed online. Delivery of goods would be done within 3 working days from the date when an order is placed.

2. All the goods that are shipped would contain an invoice mentioning the price.

3. The tentative time of delivery stated after purchasing the products would just be an estimate. Goods could be delivered to customers even before dispatch time or shall be late.

4. SHPL will assure that the customer gets his/her order on time. In case if we are unable to fulfill an order, customer will not be compensated for delay or non-delivery of the products.

H. Legal Information
1. All the legal disputes in regard to this website/mobile app are subject to Ahmedabad jurisdiction.

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Electronics Black Wrist Watch

Category: Electronics
SKU: MS46891340

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